KAPIHAN Network Affiliates

This page is dedicated to each and every amateur radio group and their members, who embody the spirit of ham radio. Togetherness, never-ending willingness to help others in need, and the pursuit of educating all for everyone to succeed. These groups have chosen to be an affiliate of the KAPIHAN Network to embolden the hobby and its community.
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The Radio Amateur Telegraph Society was formed in 1990 as the R.A.T.S. of British Columbia.It was started when four Ham radio operators (VE7HLD,VE7MGM,VE7MNR and VE7XL) comes up with the idea of creating this unique Club and after that, the history begins. We are proud to be the first Filipino Ham Radio Club here in British Columbia, Canada.

Contact VE7AAU

Our Purpose
  • To provide emergency or public service communications when normal communication is disrupted.
  • To advance the state of radio arts, promote international good will.
  • To improve individual skills in radio operations.
  • To provide a reserve pool of qualified radio operators and technicians.
  • To support legislation and regulations advancing the position of amateur radio and to affiliate with other associations of local juristriction, if the opinion of this group, such as affliation will be in mutual benefits.

Club Services Provided

  1. Amateur Radio courses (Basic, advance and Morse Code)
  2. Volunteer examiner is available for those individual who want to take the Basic, Advance and Morse code examination certificate. VE examiner is Ver (VE7XL)
  3. Frequency coordinating - Help Ham Radio Club to gain access to frequency coordination and suggest a working frequency that may use in accordance with the British Columbia Frequency Coordinating Council. Please contact Ver (VE7XL) former Vancouver Lower Mainland Frequency Coordinating Council Director.
  4. Provide training for those new ham how to set up their radio station and all others technical support needed.

Network and Equipment

We now have three Repeaters in operations including three VHF Internet links (echolink),3 UHF Links and two Conference Servers *RATS-BC* and *PINOY-BC* serving the Vancouver Lower Mainland,Richmond,Delta,Surrey and part of Washington area. All our equipments are own by the Club and maintain by Volunteer members of the Club.


Club Repeaters: VE7AAU 442.950+ MHZ (Echolink 24/7)

VE7ZIT 442.575+ MHZ, 443.675+MHZ (Local Communication)

DMR Links - VE7XL 147.480 , VA7ELG 147.540, VA7DMI 147.585

Talk Group - RATSBC Digital Network 30277 connected to TGIF Kapihan Network 24/7 , Local Club Talk Group - 30278 (24/7)

Club Links: VE7XL-L (147.480 MHZ), VA7DMI -L (147.585 MHZ), VE7ELG-L (147,540 MHZ) T-100

Conf. Servers: *RATS-BC* , *PINOY-BC*

Local Net: Every Friday night at 7:00PM PST (Local) 147.480 MHZ

Every Saturday afternoon At 5:00PM PST (Int'l Net Via Echolink)

Net Control: Ed (VE7ESC), Joy (VA7JDO), Chico (VA7ELG, Ver (VE7XL)

Club Affiliations

KAPIHAN Network , Radio Filipinas International Relay League

On behalf of the Radio Amateur Telegraph Society (R.A.T.S.), a Special Thanks to Rudy N6DOZ for all the technical help he provided in setting up our hotspot links and giving us the opportunity to connect one of our Talk Group 30277 to TGIF Kapihan Network 24/7. We are Proud to affiliate with the TGIF Kapihan Network that will create mutual benefits to both Network alike. Keep up the good work Rudy, you are making a difference in our hobby and your voice in the morning net is like a caffein in our coffee that makes us awake in the morning here in North America.

Contact VE7AAU
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DX1PRS Pyramid Radio Society, Inc.

The Pyramid Radio Society, Inc. (DX1PRS) founded on December 1990, is a family oriented amateur radio club with a wide variety of activities and interests including, emergency communications support, evening net calls, technical lectures, equipment updates, electronic kits and antenna building, JOTA/JOTI, contesting and DX-ing, and regular general membership meetings. Our members support the HERO (Ham Emergency Radio Operations). More than anything, the group has always encouraged and supported its members in all aspects of amateur radio — whether it is by regular voice communication, DMR, C4FM, Wires-X, YSF Reflector, Allstar Link Hub, EchoLink, Packet, SSTV or by using one of the oldest forms of communication — Morse Code.

The Pyramid Radio Society, Inc. is an affiliated club of the Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA). DX1PRS is duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and accredited by the National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) of the Philippines.

Contact DX1PRS

Visit the DX1PRS Website

Visit the DX1PRS Facebook Group

Digital Nodes (Bridged):
ALLSTARLINK 54453 / 54456
ECHOLINK DX1PRS-R 562316 | DX1PRS-L 632551
DMR ID 5150258

Net Schedule:
Monday to Saturday
7:45PM to 9:15PM (+8 GMT)

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DX1CC CavCom Amateur Radio and Emergency Rescue, Inc.

DX1CC - CavCom Amateur Radio and Emergency Rescue Inc. is an amateur's communication group that promote, considerate, balanced, friendly, loyal, patriotic and progressive radio activity, camaraderie and fellowship in a positive and supportive environment using both analog and digital modes, to all ham enthusiast and give service to the community.

"Service to the Community through Communication"

Contact DX1CC

Visit the DX1CC Facebook Group

Digital Nodes (Bridged):
ALLSTARLINK 57031 & 555340
YSF/C4FM DX1CC 04017 TGIF TG 4107
DMR ID 5151330
Frequencies: 145.780Mhz Simplex

Net Schedule:
Morning Net 6:00am (+8 GMT)

Evening Nets at 7:45pm (+8 GMT)
2m Net - RF Only
145.780Mhz Simplex
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FREEDOM Filipino Network

FREEDOM Filipino is a multi-mode network consisting of bridged analog and digital reflectors and talkgroups!

FREEDOM Filipino is managed by Rolly 4F0X who was made an Admin in July 2022 by the FreeSTAR Network and eventually transitioned to becoming FREEDOM Filipino. With the VPS sponsored by N6REY and dedicated EchoLink Conference by K6BF, plus the assistance of K6KWB with bridging, it all came together with success!

FREEDOM Filipino is managed and sponsored by Gareth GM0WUR and M0UKB Bruce.

Contact FREEDOM Filipino

Visit the FREEDOM Filipino Facebook Group

Digital Nodes (Bridged):
ALLSTARLINK 29298, 41960 & 43636
YSF/C4FM Freedom 29298
TGIF TG 51526 & 51598
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HAM RADIO CLUB GENERAL SANTOS, INC. was organized in 2020 with 10 founding members through the leadership and guidance of DU8HK George Sandoval, Club Trustee and 4I8DHI Guillermo Bañaga, Jr., Founding President with the ideals of being a dependable, enthusiastic, and friendly amateur radio club in the City of General Santos, Provinces of Sarangani, South Cotabato and even part of Sultan Kudarat, to support ham radio in all communities in emergency communications, disaster management, and education and information dissemination.

Contact DX8H

Visit the DX8H website

Digital Nodes (Bridged):
TGIF TG 9500
DMR ID 5150890

VHF 145.000 + 600KHz Analog
UHF 447.425 – 5MHz Analog
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DX8WMG Monte de Oeste Amateur Radio Club

Monte de Oeste Amateur Radio Club, Inc. (DX8WMG) was founded on 2020. Members of this group enjoys using analog and digital voice transmissions, encourages and supports its members to utilize different modes whether it's analog or digital (FM, DMR, C4FM, M17, etc.).

DX8WMG is an affiliated club of the Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA) and is duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), plus accredited by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

Contact DX8WMG

Visit the DX8WMG Facebook Group

Digital Nodes (Bridged):
TGIF & FreeDMR TG 515048
DMR ID 5150702

VHF 144.040 + 600KHz PL100.0 Analog
UHF 438.140 - 5MHz C4FM
UHF 436.140 - 5MHZ DMR
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DX2BSP Padli Amianan Radio Enthusiasts (PARE), Inc.

Padli Amianan Radio Enthusiasts (PARE), Inc. with the club callsign DX2BSP, was organized this year 2023 with 14 founding members through the leadership and guidance of DU2SOL Dario Sol R. Baroña, Club Trustee and DW2HER Scouter Blair S. Heruela, Founding President.

The group was organized mainly to promote unity among radio enthusiasts around the globe, for the promotion of interest in the amateur radio communication and for the love of scouting. All its members came from the different provinces and cities of district two in Philippines composed of La Union, Baguio, Benguet, Pangasinan, Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte, Abra, Isabela, and Cagayan.

Contact DX2BSP
Visit DX2BSP Facebook Group

Bridged Digital Channels:
ASL 511560 & 564722
Echolink DX2BSP-L & DX2BSP-R
TGIF DMR 51521
YSF DX2BSP 51521

145.010 MHz -0.6 PL 103.5 Baguio
145.010 MHz Simplex PL 82.5 Abra

DX2BSP Afternoon Net
Tuesdays & Thursdays
1:00pm Philippine Standard Time
5:00am UTC
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BRAVE - Butuan Radio Amateur Volunteers Enthusiast Inc.

Butuan Radio Amateur Volunteers Enthusiast, Inc. or B.R.A.V.E. Inc (DX9BC) was founded in 2015—it is an SEC registered and PARA affiliated, non-stock, non-profit organization located in Butuan City, Mindanao, Philippines.

The organization encourages everyone to promote Amateur Radio as a hobby, and assists people to understand the importance of radio in times of emergency disasters and calamities. The group fosters self-improvement, as well as radio technique experimentation, plus to foster camaraderie, fellowship and courtesy among all fellow hams regardless of race, religion and political beliefs .

Contact DX9BC

Digital Nodes (Bridged):

VHF Simplex 144.600
VHF DX9BC Repeater 144.600 +.600 PL tone 103.5
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DX1E Elite Hamster Club Inc.

Elite Hamster Club Inc. with a club callsign DX1E, located at Barangay Santo Cristo, San Pablo City, Laguna — was established in May 2020. The main purpose of the club is to provide electronic communication in the event of disasters or other emergencies; public welfare, advancement of radio communication and to provide camaraderie and solidarity in the community. Currently, our elected President is Rainier Uychutin, 4F1PUZ.

DX1E is an affiliated club of the Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA) and is duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), plus accredited by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

Contact DX1E

Bridged Digital Channels:
TGIF & FreeDMR 51510
YSF DX1E 51510
Allstarlink 589360
Echolink DX1E-L

145.760 MHz Simplex
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DX3H Ham Society of the Philippines

HAM SOCIETY OF THE PHILIPPINES (DX3H) is an Amateur Radio Club based in Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines (PK04ju), duly licensed by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) of the Republic of the Philippines.

Contact DX3H | Visit the DX3H website

Bridged Digital Channels:
Allstarlink 594477
Echolink *PINOY* [DX3H-L]
TGIF Network DMR 51530


145.68 MHz

DX3H Morning Roll Call Net
Monday through Saturday
4:30am Philippines | 2030h UTC

The DX3H Morning Net is a roll-call type net, where participants are called based on the previous day's list in numerical order. Read more…

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DX3T Juggernaut Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

Juggernaut Amateur Radio Club, Inc. with a club callsign DX3T, was established in Camiling, Tarlac. In mid 1996, eight newly licensed Amateurs conceptualized in organizing a local Amateur Radio Club. Eager and with high spirits, some research and hard work, they founded JARC, Inc.

DX3T is accredited by the National Telecommunications Commission and affiliated with the Philippine Amateur Radio Association, Inc. It was given the Amateur Radio Station callsign DX3T since 1997. Currently, our elected President is Gilbert Carpio, IW/4F3KQA.

Contact DX3T
Visit DX3T Facebook Group

Bridged Digital Channels:
Allstarlink 595133
Echolink DX3T-L
YSF DX3T 51533
TGIF & FreeDMR 51533

145.240 MHz Simplex
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DX1PRD Philippine Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (PAREDN)

The Philippine Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network or PAREDN, is a group of amateur radio stations with the primary goal of building a data network in the Philippines and support emergency and non-emergency communication groups.

PAREDN also provides local agencies with expert volunteers who can assist them with their communication needs in the event of disasters or emergencies.

In addition, PAREDN also creates ad hoc special communication teams that can travel on short notice with all the necessary gear to disaster areas that need communication support.

Contact DX1PRD
Visit DX1PRD Facebook Group

Bridged Digital Channels:
Allstarlink 610610 & 41724
Echolink DX1PRD-L & DX1PRD-R
YSF DX1PRD 51568
TGIF & FreeDMR 51568

145.22 VARA-FM
144.44 APRS
144.64 VARA-FM
145.72 PACKET
433.26 VARA-FM
433.28 VARA-FM
433.30 VARA-FM
448.260 Voice

Net Schedule:
PAREDN Winlink Weekly Net
Wednesday - Saturday
6:10am - Voice / Data
  • KAPIHAN Network affiliation is FREE - NO FEES & COMMITMENTS!
  • Club logo proudly displayed on the KAPIHAN Network Affiliate page.
  • Club logo opens a modal and/or links to the club's respective FB page or website.
  • Each affiliate gets an email with the kapihan.network suffix which forwards to their official club email (e.g. wh0aci@kapihan.network).
  • The affiliates can conduct their nets on the KAPIHAN Network and use all of it's channels (digital and/or analog - schedule permitting).
  • Receive setup know-how assistance in building their own digital network and bridges, to name a few:
    • Register TGIF.network
    • Register club to acquire DMRid
    • Build bridges from reflectors like AllStarLink/Echolink to TGIF.network DMR
    • Build channels (AllStarLink, DMR, YSF, M17, etc…)
  • Affiliates' FB page will be "Recommended" on KAPIHAN Network's FB Page.
  • The club receives a KAPIHAN Network Affiliate image badge (see example below)
  • NONE of the above are required for the affiliates :)

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Please email N6DOZ Rudy at n6doz at arrl.net to discuss your club's interest, as well as discuss how your club can benefit from the affiliation. Then we can proceed with your logo, club information, email to forward @kapihan.network email to, etc… You must have an official approval with your club officers and members before sending the request.

The KAPIHAN Network affiliation is "at will", so either party can discontinue the affiliation at any time with or without particular reason. There are no contracts what-so-ever and the KAPIHAN Network reserves the right to refuse affiliation and/or provide benefits to any party.
Stations who have financially donated and continually support the KAPIHAN Network.
N6JFO - Noel
WB6FB & KA6RED - Frida & Ben
N1CHX & N1KSP - Chux & Avi
WH0VL - Kris
NN3M - Steve
4G1WWW - Fr. Tom
NR6B - Roland
DZ4E - Ed Fil
KN6NPC - Jansen
DU2GBC - Gerald
DW8CNT - Billy
DW8MEL - Mel
DW2MIM - John
KN6YKH - Danny
4F1PUZ - Rainier
KG6CLJ - Jimmy
NH2Y - James
KS0NNY - Ftr. Sonny
4H7NPM - Vonne
K6BF - Bernz
4G7RRM - Pidol
DU2LX - Atty. Joe
Thank you all so much. Without your support, KAPIHAN Network would not be the same.
Take care! 7-3 N6DOZ Rudy
If you would like to find out more about making a donation, read more on the Donate page.