KAPIHAN Network Supporters

The KAPIHAN Network is all possible through N6DOZ Rudy's voluntary efforts, his own personal financial contribution AND donations from supporters. Please visit the Donate page to make a donation.

With that said, there are other ways one can support the KAPIHAN Network—stations can participate in the nets held on the network or by spreading the word of the network and its activities. Some folks have found other ways like creating or ordering their own KAPIHAN Network mugs, apparel, not to mention stickers!

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Official KAPIHAN Network T-Shirts

These shirts are full sublimation and are made of US Polydex glossy material. They are made and printed in the Philippines and can be had by using the Google Order Form.
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KAPIHAN Network Mugs

These mugs have the KAPIHAN Network logo and custom callsign on both sides. This can be ordered via Zazzle in the US/CAN or they can be made at your local cup printer kiosk. Download the kit (.PDF with font) or have N6DOZ Rudy make you one with your callsign.
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Stations who have financially donated and continually support the KAPIHAN Network.
N6JFO - Noel
WB6FB & KA6RED - Frida & Ben
N1CHX & N1KSP - Chux & Avi
WH0VL - Kris
NN3M - Steve
4G1WWW - Fr. Tom
NR6B - Roland
DZ4E - Ed Fil
KN6NPC - Jansen
DU2GBC - Gerald
DW8CNT - Billy
DW8MEL - Mel
DW2MIM - John
KN6YKH - Danny
4F1PUZ - Rainier
KG6CLJ - Jimmy
NH2Y - James
KS0NNY - Ftr. Sonny
4H7NPM - Vonne
K6BF - Bernz
4G7RRM - Pidol
DU2LX - Atty. Joe
Thank you all so much. Without your support, KAPIHAN Network would not be the same.
Take care! 7-3 N6DOZ Rudy
If you would like to find out more about making a donation, read more on the Donate page.