DroidStar Mobile - DMR TGIF

These step-by-step instructions will detail a simple configuration of the AndroidOS DroidStar app - which assumes that you all ready downloaded it from the Google Play Store, and your device meets the hardware requirements.

DMRId (read the guide on how to get one).
Android App (download from Google Play)

TGIF.network account (get at TGIF.network)

  • First and foremost, we need to put details on the settings.
  • Run the app and click Settings.
  • Fill in the Callsign with you callsign.
  • Enter your DMRid in DMRID (read the guide on how to get one).
  • Enter your hashed password for TGIF Pass if you have an account.
  • If you don't have an account with TGIF.network), leave it blank.

  • Open your browser on your Android device, got to our Resources page find the codec for your Android. Most Androids these days are 64bit - vocoder_plug.android.arm64, if it doesn't work try the regular vocoder_plug.android.arm.
  • Tap + hold the link, and choose Copy link address.
  • Go back to your DroidStar app and tap Settings if you're not all ready there.
  • Tap + hold in the Vocoder URL, then choose paste.
  • Once the URL is in the field, tap Download vocoder.
  • It should say "Updating, check log tab for details", tap OK.
  • Go to the Log tab at the main menu at the top and it should say, "Downloaded vocoder_…"

Optional Settings:
  • Enter your latitude in Latitude.
  • Enter your longitude in Longitude.
  • Enter your city, state/region, country or grid in Description.
  • Enter your or club's web address in URL.

Main Settings:
  • Go back to the main setup by clicking on the Main tab at the top of the app.
  • Choose DMR as a mode.
  • Leave S2 and CC1 as they are.
  • Select TGIF_Network in the dropdown between the HB_ and XLX_.
  • Place 51547 in the TGID.
  • Lower the Mic gain by sliding it to the left by 20-35% of the whole bar.
  • Press Connect.

If all went well, you should now be connected to the KAPIHAN Talkgroup 51547 on the TGIF.network and can now modulate on the KAPIHAN Network. Hope to talk to you soon! 7-3