OpenSpot FCS

These step-by-step instructions assume that you all ready have a radio programmed for the hotspot frequency. This will only detail a simple configuration of an OpenSpot.

DMR ID (acquired at radioid.net and good to have on digital modes)
OpenSpot Hotspot (1, 2 or 3 bought from other hams or SharkRF)

Advance Mode
First and foremost, make sure you are on the Advanced mode.
  • Check the box at the bottom right of OpenSpot dashboard for Advanced mode.

  • At the very top of the page or menu, select or tap / hit Connectors.
  • Select FCS on the drop-down menu.
  • Press the Switch to selected button.

System Fusion/FCS
  • Make sure the Modem rx/tx frequencies are correct.
  • Modem mode should be C4FM
  • Select 047 (Kapihan) in the Server / room number drop-down.
  • The Server address should pre-populate with fcs003.xreflector.net.
  • The Port (UDP) should also pre-populate with 62500.
  • Enter your callsign in the Callsign field.
  • Enter your DMR ID in the DMR/CCS7 ID field.
  • Leave the rest as pre-populated.
  • Click or tap the Save button accross from System Fusion/FCS.

  • Scroll or slide back up to the top of the page or on the menu, and select tap or hit Modem.
  • Once there, you should see Active modem mode as C4FM, if not…Select C4FM in the drop down for Change to mode.
  • Click or tap Change accross from Modem settings.

  • Modem rx/tx frequency should be what you have set in connectors and programmed on your radio.
  • You can tweak your Transmit power to your requirement from your hotspot to your radio.
  • Click or tap Save accross from Frequency to save your changes.

Other settings (optional)
  • Scroll or slide down a little on the page to Other settings.
  • Call hang time can be reduced to 1000, if you want the wait time between RX/TX to be shorter.
  • Leave everything else as is.
  • Click or tap Save accross from Other settings to save your changes.

  • One last thing to check… Scroll or slide up to the top or on the menu, select, tap or click Settings.
  • Scroll or slide down a bit and find C4FM settings.
  • This one is important if you are using your hotspot to link a repeater, you should uncheck the Transmit RX confirmation.
  • This prevents the network ping-pong of beeps between your hotspot and repeater.
  • Click or tap Save accross from C4FM settings to save your changes.

Check connection status
  • Scroll or slide back up to the top and hit Status up at the top of the page.
  • Mid-way down in the center, it should say connected with a green status light.
  • It should also say the Active connector as FCS.
  • Lastly the Server address should be fcs003.xreflector.net.
  • The Connected to should be FCS003/47 (Kapihan)

If all went well, you should now be connected to the KAPIHAN FCS Reflector and can now modulate on the KAPIHAN Network. Hope to talk to you soon! 7-3