Kapihan Network HUC Information

HUC is a web browser application allowing licensed amateur radio operators to use any iOS and Android devices, Windows, Mac and Linux computers—to modulate into different networks via different modes through a DVSwitch server. The Kapihan Network HUC is built on a cloud server, specific and only modulates on the Kapihan Network


What are the requirements to use HUC?
First you need a DMRid which can be acquired from www.radioid.net, once you have this, email the following to N6DOZ Rudy n6doz@arrl.net
  • Callsign
  • DMRid (acquired at radioid.net and good to have on digital modes)
  • Password to use on HUC
Second, you need an iOS/Android device or Windows/Mac/Linux computer with a web browser, plus functional speaker and mic.


How do install it?
No installation necessary, as long as you have a web browser on your device.
  • iOS iPhone/iPad - Safari, Chrome, etc…
  • Android Phone/Tablet - Chrome
  • Windows - Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc…
  • MacOS - Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, etc…
  • Linux - Chrome, etc…

I've got my browser open, now what?
  • First, make sure you got confirmation from N6DOZ that you have access.
  • Place the URL manually on your address bar: https://huc.pinoylink.net.
  • Enter your callsign and password.
  • Enable audio by clicking the speaker symbol on the top right of page.
  • Tap/click Transmit and start talking.
  • Tap/click Transmit to end transmission.
  • Go to Settings > Mic Gain and adjust based on audio check with others


How do I use the radio with this?
You can not use a radio with HUC. This technology leaves the radio out of the process. You are using your device's sound capability to encode your audio and decode audio digital stream into and from the network.

How do I change Talkgroups / Channels / Rooms?
This HUC is dedicated to the KAPIHAN Network via AllStarLink, so users are not able to change its connection.

What to look out for?
  • Over or under-modulated audio - devices have different audio capabilities to pick-up and recreating sound, make sure you do an audio check to get a report on your audio level.
  • Keep the Transmit button in mind, make sure it is unclicked/tapped when leaving the application or else the whole network hears your unwanted noises and private conversations when left on.
  • HUC is a shared resource, so one can not transmit when another is transmitting.

What does HUC mean anyway?
HUC stands for HTML USRP Client or I usually just say, a web application for the DVSwitch suite of programs.